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Taro-etodolac 200 mg provided efficacy comparable to that obtained with aspirin.

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So far I have had excellent results with this medicationI take one tablet twice daily for a total of 800 mgI have osteoarthritis in my knees and Rehumotoid in my handsI have fibromyalgia as wellI have been on this medication fir two weeks.

Symptoms include headachenauseavomitingepigastric paingastrointaestinal bleedingrarely diarrhoeadisorientationexcitationcomadrowsinessdizzinesstinnitusfaintingoccasionally convulsionsIn cases of significant poisoning acute renal failure and liver damage are possible.

Dogs receiving 10 mg/kg BW for 12 months or 15 mg/kg BW for 6 months exhibited mild weight lossdiarrheahypoproteinemiaand gastrointestinal erosions128 Dogs receiving greater than 40 mg/kg/day displayed gastrointestinal ulcerationemesisand weight lossDeathaccompanied by gastrointestinal and renal problemswas documented in dogs receiving greater than 80 mg/kg/dayManagement of etodolac overdoses is the same as for ibuprofen overdosedecontaminationgastrointestinal protectionand fluid diuresisas indicated by degree of exposure114.

Etodolac oral tablet can interact with other medicationsvitaminsor herbs you may be takingAn interaction is when a substance changes the way a drug worksThis can be harmful or prevent the drug from working well.

Common1to 10Edematinnitusfeverchillsastheniamalaisefatigue.

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